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Susan Fisher McClure, MS, OTR/L

I live in San Diego, California; I am licensed to practice in the state of California, am active in the state Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) and a member of the American Association of Multi Sensory Environments (AAMSE). I have been an occupational therapist (OTR) for 43 years and have had working experience with infants through aged adults and have worked in a variety of settings: hospitals (acute, skilled nursing facilities, and state hospitals, out- patient), homes, group homes, day programs, and schools and with a variety of diagnosis/programs: mental retardation, mental illness, physical disabilities, medical illnesses, and school special education. I have also completed over 320 hours of Adobe CS4 courses so that I can more effectively design continuing education modules for the caregivers I work with

My work with the intellectually disabled population started in 1967 at a state hospital and a consultant, Patricia Willbarger, introduced me to the concepts of sensory processing. I took many continuing education courses focusing on this topic. When I was purusing my post professional MS degree (2006-2008) through San Jose State University, an OT with the San Diego Regional Center stated there had been several requests for occupational therapists to evaluate the sensory needs with adult consumers population. Being as I was already doing assessments and working in group homes with this age group. I targeted this area in my thesis project: "An Educational Program for Caregivers on the Sensory Needs of Developmentally Disabled Adults". Since completing my graduate studies and thesis, my approach has continued to evolve.

I currently consult with nine group homes within a radius of 60 miles with clients 15 to 60 years of age. My goals are:

* Consumer is used by the California Department of Developmental Services to define a client that has developmental
disabilities and is a utilizer of services.

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