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This has been a program for the consumers* who are not able to attend a formal community day programming secondary to their medical conditions. At three of the homes there is an activity coordinator who receives occupational therapy consultation who is present for four hours each morning, Monday through Friday and at the fourth home, I come in one time a week
to facilitate occupational and recreational therapy interventions.

This provides an opportunity for informal continuing education with the caregivers. I am able to introduce new activities, demonstrate adapting activities so that the consumers' can increase their particpation, evaluate switch usage, and oversee data collection.

Activities that have been introduced are therapeutic music activities, including the use of switch operated band instruments; decoupage and card making using art punches and assistive devices, scrapbooking, special computer programs, spa type of grooming such as nail care; aroma therapy, television or DVD documentaries, and audio books with classic literature.

An eventual goal is to have a dedicated Multi Sensory Environment room and the staff training is being developed with this goal in mind.

* Consumer is used by the California Department of Developmental Services to define a client that has developmental
disabilities and is a utilizer of services.

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